Animat Planet Show - Emanuel Hardaut - freelance graphic designer - Emanuel Hardaut – freelance graphic designer

Animat Planet Show

“Animat Planet Show” is a tv satyrical cartoon series produced by Mediafactory (Bucharest) and broadcasted on Antena1, a national romanian television between 2005 and 2008. The cartoon series was created by Tudor Avramut (also the main director of the series), Marius Toader (Mediafactory`s creation director) and Tony Grecu (from Divertis).
I had the great chance to join the animation team and work for the show during the first three seasons, and I`m grateful to the director Tudor Avramut, and also to the Mediafactory`s wonderful team for the oportunity and the warm aproach.
This is a a 28 minutes animation reel with selections from the 180 minutes i animated for the show. I`m terribly sorry it`s so long, I`ll make it shorter soon.